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We used to sell them to raise money when the world seemed less complicated

Hoagie sales were a fact of life growing up in Western PA in the '60's and '70's - needed new uniforms or equipment? Hoagie sale. Need more books or instruments for the school? Hoagie sale!


Loads of annoying kids would be out haranguing their neighbors, family, extended family and hangers-on to sell "regular", turkey or roast beef hoagies. They were made in the Extra Curricular Room at school on the appointed day (with less-than-HACCP standards) with enthusiasm and commitment from parents and grubby kids alike, delivered in red wagons, banana-seated Schwinns or in the Country Squire for the rich kids - and we all survived.


Keystone Hoagies is a hoagie and cheesesteak shop that seeks to honor and hearken back to those simpler times by selling real-sized, generous hoagies, cheesesteaks and grinders (hot hoagies) with great ingredients, along with fresh-cut fries, pierogies, and ice-cold pop and bug juice with friendly, uncomplicated service. We hope you come in and enjoy it!

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